Church Planters

We train church planters to become Harvest Bible Chapel Senior Pastors.

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Worship Leaders

We train Worship Leaders to lead the people of God in Vertical worship.

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Harvest U

The Fellowship’s annual, high-impact, ministry-training conference.

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Harvest Training Center
for Church Planting

We train church planters to become Harvest Bible Chapel Senior Pastors. The Harvest Training Center for Church Planting (HTC) seeks to build on studies provided in seminary by focusing on practical training that leads to establishing, strengthening and multiplying Harvest Bible Chapels. Our training is residential where men selected as HTC residents are expected to demonstrate competencies while working through our curriculum. We offer two opportunities a year, spring and fall, at the Elgin, IL campus of Harvest Bible Chapel. Our faculty/teachers are front line ministry practitioners who are immersed in the day to day of what it means to pastor a church.

We train residents in four main areas


Harvest DNA

We immerse our residents into the life and culture of Harvest Bible Chapel. To be a successful Harvest Bible Chapel church planter, one needs to thoroughly understand the distinctives and philosophy that unite all Harvest Bible Chapels. We have discovered that our culture is best caught and taught.


All aspects of sermon preparation and delivery are covered. Residents are given opportunities to use and develop their preaching gifts. Residents receive constructive feedback throughout this process and are encouraged to develop an emphasis in preaching the practical application of Scripture to life.


We focus our energy on developing the pastor as a shepherd, leader, builder and manager. We believe in cultivating the character and skills of leadership. The key relationships every Senior Pastor has: God, family, elders, worship leaders, staff and challenging people are explored. Residents are evaluated for leadership ability in a number of ministry contexts throughout the program.

Church Planting

Residents are instructed on the development of a core group and the launching of their Harvest Bible Chapel by other Senior Pastors who have planted Harvest Bible Chapels. As churches grow, ministries become more complex, resulting in the need for skills in organization, coordination, budgeting, planning, and strategic prayer. Residents learn principles and practice ministry management, shepherding issues, and how to identify, train and motivate volunteers.

Our primary instructors

James MacDonald, Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel
Rick Donald, Assistant Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel
Kent Shaw, Executive Director, Harvest Bible Fellowship
Kirk VanMaanen, Director of Global Church Planting, Harvest Bible Fellowship
Bill Molinari, Director of Recruiting & Coaching, Harvest Bible Fellowship
Earl Marshall, Director of Global Training, Harvest Bible Fellowship

We also have regular input from many of the Harvest Senior Pastors, along with various staff members and elders.

Program Cost

The Harvest Training Center is a full-time paid residency. We provide housing, a modest living stipend, and cover the educational cost of your child’s enrollment at Harvest Christian Academy. Even so, we ask our residents to raise a portion of their own support, as a way of demonstrating their commitment to church planting and as an exercise in fundraising.

For more information on the Harvest Training Center for Church Planting read our FAQs


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Harvest Training Center
for Worship

We train Worship Leaders to lead the people of God in Vertical worship. You may be familiar with the Vertical Church Band and the worship music that Harvest Bible Chapel has been producing over the years. The response has been tremendous and we would like to leverage that by training other worship leaders in our unique philosophy. Our worship program spans 10 full weeks–June 2-August 3–at Harvest Bible Chapel’s Elgin campus in Elgin, IL.

We focus on five major areas of training



Courses will primarily focus on instilling in residents the DNA of Harvest. This includes the 4 Pillars that comprise our church model and our emphasis on Discipleship.


We will walk through our doctrinal and theological commitments. Utilizing the extensive training of Harvest Bible Chapel pastors, residents will be trained to engage on numerous points of theology relevant to church ministry.


We train our residents on the mechanics of being worship leaders. Focusing on areas such as voice and band leading as well as service planning and choir, Harvest Bible Chapel worship leaders will teach residents about how to effectively plan and lead teams.


We’re also committed to growing our residents in their musical gifting and talent. Residents will receive training in music theory and arrangement as well as participate in a 2-day song writing retreat.


Beyond the classroom and training, we will offer residents the opportunity to be regularly involved in weekend services. Whether it’s observing our worship leaders “preparing and leading” or leading a team themselves on one of our 7 campuses, residents will be given practical worship experience at Harvest.

Our primary instructors

Kevn Dekker, Director of the Harvest Training Center for Worship
Andi Rozier, Pastor of Worship and member of the Vertical Church Band
Dan Sumpter, Pastor of Worship and member of the Vertical Church Band

We also enlist various teachers and trainers from both from the Vertical Church Band and the Harvest worship ministry.

For more information on the Harvest Training Center for Worship read our FAQs


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Harvest University



Imagine yourself surrounded by thousands of pastors and leaders from around the globe—arms raised and hearts abandoned to the Lord, passionately pursuing Christ’s promise to build His church. This is a glimpse of what you’ll experience at Harvest U 2015.

Hosted at Harvest Bible Chapel campuses in Illinois and Ontario—join pastors and ministry leaders from more than 100 Harvest Bible Chapels around the world for three days of instruction, worship, and fellowship.

Experience our MAIN SESSIONS, with keynote speakers including pastors James MacDonald and Robbie Symons, and corporate worship led by Meredith AndrewsJon Guerra, and Vertical Church Band.

This year’s high-impact conference offers a variety of WORKSHOPS — 1-hour breakouts in a wide range of ministry areas tailored to the size of your church.

Still want more? Stick around for an additional half-day SEMINAR (new in 2015) for more in-depth training in a select ministry area. Expect to be challenged, equipped with new ideas, and prepared to implement them.




Join us at HarvestU