We have a strategic geographic focus.

Our focus is depth not breadth, and quality over quantity. We want to be faithful to focus our efforts where we’re already working, until a rapid, sustainable, healthy church-planting movement exists in those regions.




Sustainability and scaling a church planting movement requires verticality, quality over quantity and strategy. This is especially true in a global environment where context, resource deployment and care is a high value. We center our efforts in primary geographic areas where God has clearly opened doors for us to establish a church planting movement. Throughout Harvest Bible Chapel’s history, we’ve always gone where God is visibly at work – where a man called by God is raised up and equipped to preach, shepherd, lead, manage, and build and where a critical mass of believers gather to exalt God’s Word and the testimony of Jesus Christ above all else.

When a Harvest church is planted, spiritual formation is the focus of all our development efforts; first vertical then missional. We seek to encourage and equip the local church to multiply believers, leaders, ministries and ultimately become a church planting church. We believe this is biblical and encompasses our total strategy for church plant development and church multiplication.

As a local church grows in health and strength it becomes known as a Harvest Sending Base, or church planting church. We then equip the church and its leaders to execute a full-scale recruitment, assessment, training and coaching process leading to rapid church multiplication. As multiple Harvest churches are established in an area, we also equip the churches to show compassion as they make disciples by holistically addressing the various needs of their community. It all begins with changed lives. As true worshipers gather in Spirit and Truth, worship rises, the good news of Jesus is proclaimed with boldness, disciples walk with Christ and our work for Christ is unleashed.

Today, in these primary geographic areas, multiple Harvest churches exist and we are intentionally recruiting pastors, leaders and believers who are committed to church planting. We assess on character, alignment and competence. If this is you – if you are in one of our primary geographic areas and considering church planting then we hope you will connect with us to establish a life-giving church for the glory of God.




There are several countries where Harvest churches have been established but where we have not launched a full-scale church planting initiative. In these areas, our focus is to support and help mature the existing, local Harvest Bible Chapel and equip it through our 5 stages of church plant development. These areas are in their infancy for us as a Fellowship. Spiritual formation is the focus of all our efforts in these areas as the local church is equipped to multiply believers and leaders.

When the multiplication of ministries advance we will seek to launch a church planting vision. Our goal is that many Harvest churches would be established in these secondary areas. As multiple Harvest churches are planted it will become a primary focus in our Fellowship. This is our heart and prayer for each one of these areas. Our eyes are lifted up. Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his harvest.” Matthew 9:37-38

We are in constant pursuit of Jesus Christ’s promise to build His church. We are open to new opportunities. If this is you – if you are located in a country that is considered one of our secondary focus areas or if you being led to plant a church in a new country for Harvest then we hope you will connect with us. We would love to pray with you and consider all that God may have for us in Christ.

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