Short-Term Missions:
Discipling Our Church Body

Our goal is to utilize serving tasks, to disciple our church body. When you head out on a short-term missions trip, you are not just supporting, encouraging, and equipping another Harvest Bible Chapel, but you are growing in Christ yourself.


One of the results of doing ministry there was to watch the Lord at work through each one of us as we worked together and along side a few of the church members. After talking with each person on the team it was encouraging to hear how the Lord was working on each one of them and how it has strengthened their prayer life, their walk in their faith, and how they can be serving when opportunities arise. It was great to see the joy that the team was experiencing throughout the week as relationships were being built.
Wally Fuja
Building Trip at Harvest Arad, Romania

During our time in Moldova, it was incredible to see God strengthening and unifying the church through teaching and activities that we often take for granted. The most unexpected outcome was the work that God did in our own hearts to reveal our dependence on Him and to build in us a greater love for our brothers and sisters who are partnering with us to build His church. Since returning, we are still blessed by praying for them and hearing how God is working through them to reach Chisinau for Christ.
Robin Price
Discipleship Camp at Harvest Chisinau, Moldova

Four Harvests recently partnered together on a medical, dental, and construction trip to Harvest Jacmel. Our medical and dental team saw 563 patients from the community and our construction team completed a handful of carpentry projects for the school and church. I was blown away by how God used a diverse group of believers from four Harvest churches, utilizing varied skill sets, to show Christ’s love. God showed me that although there are many parts to the Church body, we can function as one with the same common goal.
Pierce Vanne
Medical and Building Trip at Harvest Jacmel, Haiti

We had the distinct privilege of partnering with our brothers and sisters from our church plant in Arad, Romania, last summer. Our particular mission was 3 fold: Run the weeklong youth summer camp; encourage the students and their leaders; and bless the church. We had such an amazing experience to say the least. We thought we were going to bless them, but in fact, we found such satisfaction from the Lord through them. Such a deep care and compassion grew throughout the week between all of us, we’ve asked the Lord to send us again this summer.
Jason Acres
Youth Camp at Harvest Arad, Romania

Although it was not our original plan, on our trip to St. Vincent we visited the substandard women’s prison with only the Holy Spirit to guide us. God gave us His eyes and hearts towards the convicts so that our hearts were able to connect with them in a supernatural way. When we prayed for, embraced and cried with the prisoners, I could see that we were Jesus in the flesh to them. I learned that I don’t always need to have an agenda or program, just a trusting and willing heart and body for the Lord’s work and He will accomplish His purposes.
Lisa Kuntz
Women’s Conference at Harvest St. Vincent Island

When you step off the plane in Liberia, you won’t forget it. I’m not talking about the humidity or the tropical setting; I’m talking about the people. Our family will never forget our experience serving the church community at Harvest Monrovia. We returned with a greater contentment and joy, as well as relationships that changed our understanding of what it means to be God’s church.
Drew Schmitz
Teacher Training at Harvest Monrovia, Liberia

How we serve

Here are some ways our short-term missions teams serve our Harvest Bible Chapels


Leadership Training












Camps & VBS



Work Projects


Upcoming Trips

Rolling Meadows to St. Vincent Island


Denver to Mexico City, Mexico


Rolling Meadows & Naperville to Mexico City, Mexico

Family Camp

Rolling Meadows to Arad, Romania

Kids Camp

Rolling Meadows to Arad, Romania

Youth Camp

Rolling Meadows to Arad, Romania

Building Project

Spring Lake to Limuru Town, Kenya

Building Project

Pittsburgh North to Arad, Romania

Building Project

Rolling Meadows to Jacmel, Haiti

Marriage Retreat

Rolling Meadows to Mexico City, Mexico

Women’s Conference

Pittsburgh East & Sacramento to Bamenda, Cameroon


Rolling Meadows to Arad, Romania

Training Center Preparation

Rolling Meadows to Kathmandu, Nepal

Women’s Conference

Calgary to Mexico City, Mexico

Christmas Outreach

For more information about Short-Term Missions read our FAQs.

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