The next era of missions is here.

And we’re pressing into it by recapturing the vision of mission within the church. We are convinced that the mission of the church is Missions, and the mission of Missions is the church. Therefore, we establish, strengthen, and multiply local, church-planting churches globally, and engage communities for holistic transformation.

There are two kinds of opportunities in our global strategy. The first is led by nationals seeking to proclaim the gospel and establish a life-giving church in their home country. The second is an International English-speaking church led by non-nationals in a global, alpha-city.

In either case, we are committed to the establishing, strengthening and mobilizing Harvest Bible Chapels worldwide.



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Here are some ways that you can join us in our global mission.

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If you are called by God to plant a church, stand aligned with distinctives, and ready to join our mission, apply now.


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