The Ministry Acceleration Plan

The Ministry Acceleration Plan is our most vital consulting initiative. The name Ministry Acceleration Plan (MAP) captures both the ends of our consulting efforts, the acceleration of ministry fruitfulness, and the means, a plan of action.

This “plan” is the product of a three-day, onsite ministry assessment wherein our MAP team conducts both a series of interviews with the leaders of your church, and observes practices during your worship service. The interviews and observations help our MAP team gauge health and identify opportunities for your church. Out of this assessment we provide you with a MAP Report that includes our observations, and specific next steps for you and your church.

We seek to vitalize and accelerate local churches through providing objective
ministry assessment and constructive, executable feedback.

Our Process

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    The moment we hear from you we begin working with your team to coordinate the optimal time for the MAP assessment.

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    Our MAP team executes the onsite assessment over one full weekend. Interviews start Friday and extend through Saturday. The Sunday Service is used to assess the practices of your church.

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    MAP Report

    The MAP Report displays the results of every area of ministry assessed. The top scoring areas are affirmed, while the bottom are dissected and addressed, both in short form and at length. This is where we provide our recommendations for action.

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    Follow Up

    Following the MAP Assessment we offer Ministry Acceleration Coaching and regional Ministry Acceleration Training.


Post-MAP Coaching

We offer the opportunity to enter into a 3-6 month partnership with us, during which we work alongside your leadership team to assist in developing and executing a strategic plan informed by our MAP findings.

Post-MAP Training

We also offer various regional training events throughout the year for Harvest Bible Chapels and for churches that have completed a MAP assessment. Stay informed of training events by visiting our Events page.


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