God wants His church to thrive.

We plant churches and replant transitioning churches. This means working with your leadership team, shoulder to shoulder, to build a church that is truly on fire. We’ve come alongside pastors and churches just like yours, and helped them bear more fruit.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from pastors who have made the decision to replant as a Harvest Bible Chapel.


I planted our church in 1998 and experienced healthy, steady growth. So why give up our name and become Harvest Lancaster? We wanted great fruit. On our own, God was giving us 10 and 20 fold, yet we wanted 100. We knew we could see greater impact working together, and we’ve already seen God glorified. You ask anyone at our church and they’ll say the wisest, most strategic decision we’ve made as a church was becoming a Harvest.
Dr. Jamie Mitchell, Senior Pastor,
Harvest Bible Chapel, Lancaster, PA

I had been trying to build the church. That was not my calling. Jesus said He would build the church. I am just called to be faithful in what He calls me to each day… I thank God every day for Harvest. I love being a part of this family.
Norm Millar, Senior Pastor,
Harvest Bible Chapel, London, Ontario

While God has been doing great work in our church, I knew we needed to enter into a relationship that connected us with other churches for mutual benefit. I believed joining other churches that have the same mission and goals would increase our effectiveness and give us more of what we lacked. Being connected with Harvest has provided us with opportunities to share resources as well as gain valuable training and protection for our church.
Steve Stoltzfus, Senior Pastor,
Harvest Bible Chapel, Union County, PA

I knew I needed help to overcome the challenges I was facing strategically and emotionally. I feared burnout. Then I was introduced to Harvest and became a part of a fellowship of like-minded brothers. Although our church plant was going well, with Harvest we’ve gone to a whole new level. We got the help we needed. It was definitely one of the
best ministry decisions I’ve ever made.
Brett Maragni, Senior Pastor
Harvest Bible Chapel, Jacksonville, Florida

Our church in Northeast Ohio was started almost 20 years ago. When the Lord introduced us to Harvest, we realized it was a perfect fit in relation to the four pillars and what God was calling us to do. We are excited about the future with Harvest and look forward to planting other churches in the Cleveland area and wherever the Lord leads.
Randy Whitley, Senior Pastor
Harvest Bible Chapel, Cleveland Northeast, Ohio

Churches that Replanted

You’re welcome to contact any of our churches that replanted into a Harvest Bible Chapel.
They’d be happy to tell you about their experience.


Average Timeline for a Replant Church

Church Undergoes

4-6 Months

Existing Pastor Trained

4 Months
(If no pastor, HBF will find
and train a Senior Pastor for you)

Strategy Executed

4-6 Months

Launch Sunday

12-16 Months from Assessment to Launch

We encourage you to download our Commitments of a Replant: Church Transition information packet to find out more.


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