When you plant a church with Harvest You will:


Join a Fellowship

Be part of a global movement of like-minded men committed to seeing God glorified through the fulfillment of the Great Commission.


Draw on Resources

Draw on resources from a proven model and tested leadership.


Be Self-Governing

The moment you install your elders, it’s a local, autonomous Harvest Bible Chapel



We’re Looking For a Passion that is Rare.

Our church planters must have:



Above reproach • Able to teach • Husband to one wife • Not addicted to wine • Temperate • Not antagonistic • Prudent • Uncontentious • Respectable • Free from the love of money • Hospitable • Manage own household • Not a new convert

Titus 1:6-9 ESV


At Harvest, we are distinctly committed to:

Bold, expository, application-oriented preaching • Contemporary worship without compromise • Quality discipleship, not a quantity of disciples • Worship, walk with, and work for Christ • Thriving small group ministry • Church-planting churches • Elder-led church government • Complementarian roles • Biblical soul care


Preacher • Shepherd • Manager • Builder


From our first meeting to the day you stand before
the members of a new church, you receive a steady process of
assessment, training, coaching, and care.

  1. 1


    Church-plant candidates must demonstrate character, alignment, and competence. It’s a high calling, and we don’t take this step lightly.

  2. 2


    Church planters enter a four month residency at the Harvest Training Center for Church Planting. With over 40 different instructors and Senior Pastors, we instill Harvest DNA, sharpen preaching, strengthen leadership, and teach you how to successfully launch a church.

  3. 3


    Having a coach is a critical success factor in planting a church. Every church planter gets a coach to support and direct until local elders are installed.

  4. 4


    We mentor and equip Harvest senior pastors, ministry leaders, and church plants through resourcing, coaching, and various high-level training opportunities.


Average Timeline for Church Planting


2-3 months


4 months


1 month

Core Group Development

6-8 months


Elder Installation

12-14 months

12-14 Months from Assessment to Launch

To find out more about Harvest Bible Chapel download our Commitments of a Harvest Bible Chapel information packet.


Get Started

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How are you currently employed?

What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed?

Describe your current interest in church planting.

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