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ution influence what happened, but also by Chinese Revolution What impact, very appropriate. Those who have studied this problem knows that the Chinese revolution occurred just coincidence crisis in 1927 and met with Russian interior internal Comintern happened, which manifested as Trotskyism and Stalin Marxist revolutionary forces struggle to compete in the world of theory and actual control of the control. If Stalin did not wait until 1924 before presenting his PMI Certification slogan building socialism in one country , and if this issue before this there will be a conclusion and he was able to dominate the Comintern, it is likely for China interference simply CAPM it exam can not happen. But in any case, now then such speculation is pointless things. Stalin during his struggle in China routes already decided. Before 1926, the Chinese National Revolutionary militarily, politically and financially, to give CAPM active cooperation on culture work, mainly under Zinoviev s guidance, he was Chairman of the Comintern and this work has been greatly affected Trotsky. Before this, the Stalinists have not yet completely defeated Trotsky s permanent revolution theory. But from the begin.

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